Located in the heart of the Regional Park of Perche in ORNE (61) our laboratory is specialized in the shaping of food supplements in liquid form..

With a completely new industrial tool and managed by a team of professionals, LGP NATURE is able to accompany you throughout the chain design of your products. 

Thanks to our expertise and taking into account your specifications, we can ensure all or part of the preliminary steps to the marketing of your food supplements:

  • Prototyping 
  • Regulatory support,
  • Record keeping 
  • Production of plant extracts
  • Filling in ampoules, bottles, and single doses
  • Analyzes
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Conservation treatments
  • Preparation of mixtures
  • Sourcing of raw materials and packaging

We can meet your needs for order batches up to 3000 L per day depending on product conditions.

Our expertise

Ingredients, plants, natural products, containers …

Our equipement

Laboratory, production areas, rooms …

Our services

Development, sourcing …

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