Our services

Development / formulation

One of the first steps is to formulate and produce samples based on your specifications and the regulations in force.

To do it; Generally, we offer a deductible development package for your future orders.

After finalizing this step, we will be able to send you a tariff offer including the raw materials and packaging items that we will provide you, the time spent and additional services desired (stability studies, regulatory support, transport, storage …)

Our role is also to be a source of innovative proposals in terms of assets, from packaging articles to “turnkey” formulated products.

Sourcing ,raw materials & packaging

In order to respond as accurately as possible to the specifications defined between us, our purchasing department is able to supply all the raw materials and / or packaging items needed to manufacture your products.

Each raw material and packaging item received will be archived in our sample library with the analysis reports and food certificates (for packaging).

If necessary, analyzes will be made on our side to ensure perfect traceability of products. You can also provide us with some or all of these elements. Subsequently these articles will constitute with us a “stock client” that we will manage for your future productions.

Manufacturing/ Packaging

Quality Control, Analysis and Quality Assurance

As a member of SYNADIET, we are committed to respecting the Quality Charter which governs the manufacture of food supplements.

We carry out a number of quality checks at each stage of manufacture.

Our production steps are part of the HACCP approach.

We are considering ISO 22000 certification of our procedures by the end of 2018.

Traceability is ensured by batch records managed from our E.R.P.

Each lot manufactured is analyzed by an external laboratory before its release.

We are certified by ECOCERT for the production of organic products.

Our company is also approved by ANSES for the manufacture of cosmetic ingredients.



We receive and store your raw materials and packaging items.

Depending on your needs, we take care of:

  • Supplies related to your productions,

  • Delivery of your finished products,

  • Management of your stocks.