Quality Commitment

1 . Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our objectives. Therefore, we work with you in complete transparency to guarantee quality products and compliance with your specifications.

 2. Control & Quality Assurance

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, from development to shipping, we ensure that product quality is carefully controlled. Each batch produced is analyzed by an independent laboratory accredited COFRAC before its release.

3. HACCP Analysis

We establish control plans adapted to the risk level of each product.

This approach consists of a hazard analysis and the implementation of a monitoring system to ensure the safety of your products.

4. Analytical Expertise

We carry out all the organoleptic tests on site and establish an analytical map of the finished product using our ph-meter/ densimeter/ refractometer equipment.

5. Traceability

We provide digitalized traceability from receipt of raw materials to shipment of finished products. For each batch manufactured, a batch file is created.

6 . Organic Certification

We are certified to store, manufacture and package products from organic agriculture. We declare your finished products with our Ecocert certification.

7 . ISO22000 : 2018 Process

Our food safety management system follows the requirements of standard for ongoing certification. In order to guarantee the manufacture of safe food and compliant products.

8 . SYNADIET Member

As a member of the National Food Supplements Union Synadiet, LGP is committed to respecting the Quality Charter which defines Good Manufacturing Practices for food supplements.

9. Regulatory Watch

Thanks to our partnerships with consulting firms and scientific and regulatory experts, we carry out a permanent regulatory watch. This will to guarantee the regulatory compliance of your products.

10 . Continuous Improvement 

We are attentive to improve our practices and to listen to you in order to achieve excellence.