Our expertise

A certain number of national and European decrees and rules regulate the manufacture of CAs
(e.g. Decree No. 2006-352 for France and Directive No. 2002/46 for Europe)


The ingredients of the products manufactured must be authorized in the country where they are marketed and their dosage in accordance with national regulations and directives.

We are supplied by trading companies specialized in ingredients that can provide us with technical data sheets and analysis bulletins in compliance with the regulations.


Many of the dietary specialties we make are made from plant active ingredients and natural products such as bee or marine products.

As for the ingredients the regulations determine the dosages of assets and parts of usable plants. We favor the suppliers able to assure a perfect traceability.


The most common galenic forms that we are able to treat are very varied:

  • 5,10 and 15 ml bi-point glass ampoules

  • PET bottles from 60 to 1000 ml

  • Glass bottles from 5 to 1000 ml

  • PET monodoses 10 and 25 ml

We will study with you the feasibility of using any other container.